Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Third Trimester

Well, today I have officially entered the third trimester! I am 28 weeks today. I can't believe how big I am getting and how big the boy is getting. I can feel him all the way from my ribs to my public bone. All day today he has been super active. Showing off his skills I guess. I only wish we could decide on a name so I could stop calling him baby boy. Time is really flying by all of the sudden and I guess it may be time to start thinking about labor. I've been thinking about how I want to go about it but not really thinking about the actual process and pain so much. I really hope that I am able to accomplish it naturally and not turn into a raving lunatic demanding drugs. Please let me om my way thru this :) I've really been obsessing over names and nursery ideas today and here is what I have come up with. Julian Cruz and this...

I worked on this all day, switched the colors around a million times and did drawings off the other walls as well. I almost thought I had forgotten how to use CAD for a minute there. I'm planning on making the bedding myself. The circles will be decals so I can stick them on but I am really in need of someone to paint for me. Looking at the room today I realized the walls are pretty rough too...I wonder if sanding is safe?

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