Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Briss

Yesterday was Julian's briss, a Jewish circumcision ceremony.  It was supposed to be at 10:00 am so we all got up (late since no alarms went off) scrambled ourselves together and headed off to the doctors office. An hour later and still no rabbi! We rescheduled for 3:30 and soon got a call from the Rabbi, he totally forgot. Mind you, there is about one Jewish baby born a year here ;) Since we were supposed to do it in the morning we had a reception planned at the house at 12:00. Well honestly I thought the trend was going to continue and noone was going to show but we actually ended up with quite the turn out. Friends even traveled up from the bay area and of course Uncle David flew in from LA. It was a great get together full of delicious food (thanks Rachel!) and champagne (thanks Jaime) and It's a Boy cigars (thanks Dave) We then headed out to do the ceremony. I'm glad we had that drink before since I was a bit apprehensive about them cutting my little boy but he did really really well. He pretty much slept through most of it ( from what I saw before I left) and the Rabbi blessing made a routine procedure inspiring and special. Dave did an amazing job holding him through the whole thing and while yes I botched the Hebrew a bit, we pulled it all off. Thank you everyone who was there for sharing the experience with us and Julian!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visit with Grandpa

Well, Grandpa just left this last week and we sure do miss him already. He accomplished more things at the house in a week than I could have imagined in a month! The wall in the garage has been completed, the deck has steps, I have a garden and there is a fence in the front! Whew.. The fence is especially awesome since  now everyone who stops to turn in front of my house can't see me breastfeeding on the couch :) We had a really great time having him here and wish he lived A LOT closer. Well, maybe we can get summers or something...

Thank you dad so much for being here. I am really glad you were able to be here for the birth and meet Julian right after he was born. Thanks so much for all the things you did around the house and thanks for being you! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful dad and Julian is stoked to have the best granddad ever!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First doctors visit

Our first doctors visit was today. Not only was it our first doctor visit but our very first outing too. So we got ready to go, fed Julian, changed his diaper, packed up the diaper bag and headed out the door. He was great in the car and getting in the car seat is a breeze. Of course as soon as we got into the office he got fussy but dad did a great job of keeping him calm while I filled out paperwork. Then the inevitable...he pooped his diaper and through to the onesie and the pants. Good thing we remembered an extra outfit...but we did forget a bag for dirty ones, eww. Then his ferocious appetite kicked in and..another first- breastfeeding in public :)

The visit went great, the doctor didn't seem concerned about the little bit of jaundice and his weight has only gone down a little from 7 lbs 11 oz to 7 lbs 4 oz. Julian doesn't even need to go back until he is 2 months old.

That little outing really took it out of us though and we are very happy to be home. Julian passed out pretty much the minute we got here and I think I am in need of a nap now too...

Milk time

So today is an exciting day, my milk has officially come in! Little Julian is getting the real thing now and my boobs are enormous. I am so glad that I got some great nursing gear because there is no way I would fit in to any of my old bras now. Julian is so stoked he ate all night and all morning and is now asleep on my lap in a milk comatose. Of course along with the milk comes the poop. We now have poopy diapers to change multiple times a day. Daddy even got to change two last night, lucky guy :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


He is here!

My beautiful boy is finally here. He arrived at 11:30 pm on June 16. He weighed 7 lbs and 11 oz and was 21 inches long. This picture is just minutes after his birth. I will update more soon but right now I am typing slowly with one hand while he feeds away. For now enjoy the pics!

Friday, June 4, 2010

39 weeks

Well, I have made it to 39 weeks. Julie, my doula is finally here and the countdown has begun. I think that he is slowly dropping...I have been feeling it a little bit for the last couple of days... Maybe he is starting to get ready to go. Doctor's appt today so maybe I will know for sure later. It is really hard for me to tell. He is feeling super heavy and strong now.
His daddy will be here soon and I know he is just waiting. Once doula and daddy are here..then we will be ready for real. I've become pretty slow and tired. Little bits of work punctuated by little bits on the couch is about all I can handle. Of course I'm trying to relax while I can because I know it is gonna get crazy. A baby, friends, relatives, and 2 more dogs are all coming soon into my life and I am very used to it just being me and Elijah. This quiet house will be quiet no more!