Friday, June 4, 2010

39 weeks

Well, I have made it to 39 weeks. Julie, my doula is finally here and the countdown has begun. I think that he is slowly dropping...I have been feeling it a little bit for the last couple of days... Maybe he is starting to get ready to go. Doctor's appt today so maybe I will know for sure later. It is really hard for me to tell. He is feeling super heavy and strong now.
His daddy will be here soon and I know he is just waiting. Once doula and daddy are here..then we will be ready for real. I've become pretty slow and tired. Little bits of work punctuated by little bits on the couch is about all I can handle. Of course I'm trying to relax while I can because I know it is gonna get crazy. A baby, friends, relatives, and 2 more dogs are all coming soon into my life and I am very used to it just being me and Elijah. This quiet house will be quiet no more!

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