Monday, June 21, 2010

First doctors visit

Our first doctors visit was today. Not only was it our first doctor visit but our very first outing too. So we got ready to go, fed Julian, changed his diaper, packed up the diaper bag and headed out the door. He was great in the car and getting in the car seat is a breeze. Of course as soon as we got into the office he got fussy but dad did a great job of keeping him calm while I filled out paperwork. Then the inevitable...he pooped his diaper and through to the onesie and the pants. Good thing we remembered an extra outfit...but we did forget a bag for dirty ones, eww. Then his ferocious appetite kicked in and..another first- breastfeeding in public :)

The visit went great, the doctor didn't seem concerned about the little bit of jaundice and his weight has only gone down a little from 7 lbs 11 oz to 7 lbs 4 oz. Julian doesn't even need to go back until he is 2 months old.

That little outing really took it out of us though and we are very happy to be home. Julian passed out pretty much the minute we got here and I think I am in need of a nap now too...

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