Sunday, January 31, 2010

Belly Photo- 21 weeks

Well, I'm really showing now. Clothes are not really fitting, time for a new wardrobe of sweats!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My new house!!

Today is a momentous day. I have keys to my very own house. I guess this means I will actually stay for a while. lol. Tomorrow I move in and can not wait to start the nesting process.

Once again I will be reunited with all my stuff. But where am I gonna put it all? I'm sure I will figure out ingenious storage solutions.  This interior design degree has got to be good for something :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Results are In....

It's a boy! Everything went really well at the doctor's office today. The ultrasound showed a healthy boy and we are very excited!

I will be moving into my new house this weekend so start packing up your boy stuff!

Aww... .happy mom and dad

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I have been working on my registry and it is confusing! There is just so much baby stuff. It is really hard to figure out what to put on this registry. I figure by the time I need to send out invites for my baby shower I may have it edited down to the essentials anyway. I have checked out the big corporate sites, Babies R Us and but I have come to the conclusion that using Amazon gives me access to the most eco and green items and for many items my friends can get free shipping! Win win for all.

As soon as I find out the sex I can edit for real. Right now I have multiples in different colors. lol.

Hours go by and I am still on the computer choosing stuff  so if anyone has any suggestions about specific items please leave comments!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 weeks- Halfway thru!

Today is the 20 week mark. I have officially reached the halfway point! You never really notice how pregnant women only gain weight the second half until you actually are one. For some reason I thought it would be a more gradual process but all the sudden I am gaining quickly and I know that it will only get quicker as I get closer and closer to my due date.

I don't really feel any different, I seem to be feeling a little more movement but it is still hard to tell for sure. Bring on those kicks baby! I'm ready!

Next week is going to be super exciting, I will be closing on the house for sure and finding out the sex on Tuesday. I really hope we can tell for sure....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eco Baby Buys

I found this great site that has a different sale once a day on baby stuff that is all eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable. It has all that stuff that you see in whole foods or at specialty baby stores and love everything about except the price. The prices on this are all about half off and make inflated eco prices similar to plastic and polyester prices. Check it out if you are looking for something for your baby or my baby shower :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Dreams and Sleep?

All of my mom friends keep telling me "sleep while you still can!" Did you guys forget that pregnancy is when the sleep starts to be impossible?

Talk about crazy dreams. Every night my imagination goes completely insane. If I could remember everything I would be rich from my amazing screenplays and fiction novels. Then the dreams segment into the need to pee...3 x a night. I mean really 3 times? and I have to dream about it?

I know as I get bigger the sleep will only get worse so while I will try to take your advice, I think I am saying goodbye to long uninterrupted nights of sleep for a long while.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Emotions and preggo brain

So while my first trimester was blessedly low key, no morning sickness for me! The 2nd trimester brings on its own issues. I am suddenly the most emotional and scatterbrained person ever. Those of you who know me understand that I am not really that emotional a person. I can usually deflect things that would bother me and wait until I am really upset to cry. Not anymore.. here come the waterworks!

The slightest thing will send me into tears so please be careful with me. I couldn't even make it though Avatar without tearing up... the poor tree! and forget sappy dramas and chick flicks.

Oh and the other day I drove off without my gas. I mean, I paid for the gas, I just didn't pump it. Then when I went back someone was pumping my gas! Thankfully the woman just laughed and said the same sort of silly things happened to her when she was pregnant... thank you for not making that situation any worse! I hope my brain cells come back later but I have heard pregnancy brain just turns into mommy brain....

Buying a house....the process

 So presently I am staying in temporary digs while waiting to close on my new home. When I moved back up north I thought I was just going to rent a place and business would move along as usual. Boy was I wrong. About 2 weeks after being back in the woods I found out I was expecting. My urge to nest came on strong. All of the sudden renting was just out of the question and I was on the hunt for a home of my own.

 Thankfully I have wonderful and supportive parents who are able to help me out making a dream turn into a reality. Don't worry mom and dad, I will take care of you when you are old and unable :)

 After weeks of searching and moving from one temporary home to another, I found a house. That I soon learned was just the beginning. Over a month ago I completed inspections, had my offer accepted and started the loan process.....and still going....and going. If you are planning on buying a home I hope you have your paperwork ready! One thing after another and another and I am still waiting.

Hopefully next week I will be a new home owner! Let the nesting begin!

Belly Photo- 19 weeks

So here it is for those of you who have been asking. As of today I am 19 weeks pregnant and I am finally looking like it.

So far this pregnancy has been going really well. I did not get morning sickness or nausea and now my energy is up and I am exercising everyday. I am certainly exercising more now than I was before, though I am also eating more. I gained 10 pounds last month! I blame it on the chocolate log cake that I just could not stop eating though.

Be Here Now

Welcome to the first post on this blog. I am experiencing an amazing transformative time in my life and have started this blog to reflect, document, and evolve with my new life.

I found out I was pregnant 19 weeks ago. I also moved back to Humboldt County and am in the process of buying my first home. So many changes are taking place and everyday brings on a new beginning.

This is me and my life.