Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I have been working on my registry and it is confusing! There is just so much baby stuff. It is really hard to figure out what to put on this registry. I figure by the time I need to send out invites for my baby shower I may have it edited down to the essentials anyway. I have checked out the big corporate sites, Babies R Us and but I have come to the conclusion that using Amazon gives me access to the most eco and green items and for many items my friends can get free shipping! Win win for all.

As soon as I find out the sex I can edit for real. Right now I have multiples in different colors. lol.

Hours go by and I am still on the computer choosing stuff  so if anyone has any suggestions about specific items please leave comments!

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Anonymous said...

for me a must have when they were newborns were the wrap/tie cotton shirts with long sleeves and mitts. i will send you some , and i loved the cotton skull caps by under the nile. ooh, so fun....