Monday, January 18, 2010

Emotions and preggo brain

So while my first trimester was blessedly low key, no morning sickness for me! The 2nd trimester brings on its own issues. I am suddenly the most emotional and scatterbrained person ever. Those of you who know me understand that I am not really that emotional a person. I can usually deflect things that would bother me and wait until I am really upset to cry. Not anymore.. here come the waterworks!

The slightest thing will send me into tears so please be careful with me. I couldn't even make it though Avatar without tearing up... the poor tree! and forget sappy dramas and chick flicks.

Oh and the other day I drove off without my gas. I mean, I paid for the gas, I just didn't pump it. Then when I went back someone was pumping my gas! Thankfully the woman just laughed and said the same sort of silly things happened to her when she was pregnant... thank you for not making that situation any worse! I hope my brain cells come back later but I have heard pregnancy brain just turns into mommy brain....