Monday, May 10, 2010

36 weeks

I can't believe that I am at 36 weeks already! Only 4 more weeks to go.. I've been nesting away and his nursery is finally almost done. I need to finish with the wall decorations and I still need to complete his bedding and I would love some more accessories but it is already pretty functional. I know he will not even be sleeping in there at first anyway but I would like it to be more or less done. My list is getting shorter. I think he still needs a few things but it is not overwhelming anymore.

I am so excited that daddy is coming to help out with some stuff tomorrow. We need a little daddy time, it has been a while. It will also be great to do something about the tree that fell during the windstorm. I am afraid the fence is gonna fall down. I'm bummed that I am losing one of my trees but it is pretty much dead already :( so sad.

Doctors visit went well today. I have to go every week from now on. He is about six pounds now, right on schedule but hasn't dropped at all. The doc said to expect him to within the next couple of weeks. Great, then I will have to pee even more often! Mom said I didn't drop until late so maybe I will be the same way. Who knows. I'm not in any hurry to have this baby. I really am looking forward to meeting him but I hope he knows we need to wait for our doula and daddy to be up here before he makes an appearance.

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Anonymous said...

I'm coming in 13 days Julian, just wait for 2 more weeks at least. Can't wait to see you all! Getting really excited about the trip! much love