Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pack n Play sheet

Today I made my first pack n play sheet! I got the pack n play for my shower and although I am supposed to be borrowing a co sleeper from a friend we are having a hard time coordinating. This means it is entirely possible that this will be where he sleeps at first so I needed to figure out a sheet for it. I used some cute striped fabric and it turned out pretty good and only cost about $5. I used this tutorial at Prudent Baby

I didn't put the elastic all the way through since that is my least favorite part but used the 8" pieces in the corners. It works well though I think it would fit a lot tighter with the elastic all the way around. I may make the next one a little smaller to allow for a snugger fit. All in all, I'm very happy with it and so glad I didn't spend $15 or more on a solid colored one from the store. I am really loving all this sewing and will post pictures of more projects soon!

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