Saturday, May 1, 2010

The nursery is finally painted!

Well those of you who helped or heard about my nursery painting know that it has taken a long time but the nursery paint job is finally finished! Thank you so much to the 4 people who spent multiple days helping me make this room perfect. Of course I had to go all complicated with 3 colors and stripes and we had to cover up the dark turquoise that was in there but the end result is totally worth it. Now that the paint job is done, I have been able to start bringing baby stuff out of the cluttered living room too. yay!

I have been in total baby world lately as the due date is getting closer and closer. I've been putting together baby toys, washing clothes, taking inventory and making lists. I'm getting so excited to meet my sweet baby Julian!

A little preview...more pix to come soon

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Anonymous said...

Looks great....can't wait to see more pics!